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Web Portal Development

Web Portal development using primary programming languages

Web development is one of the most important skills to have as a software engineer. It is the only way in which one can gain online market space in any domain. The internet has helped us in creating a platform in its framework to gain visibility in the eyes of every audience.
But web development is a very broad term for the domain that we are talking about. At UVA Technologies, we consider a lot of factors while creating a website. Client-end, backend, portals, etc. To be more specific, web development refers to everything from coding to writing markups that doesn’t include designing part of websites. Let us try to expand on the web portals development in this post.

Web Portals

The E-commerce and many other websites that might be providing online teaching and other services require portals to be complete. E-commerce portals, matrimonial portals, payment portals, real-estate portals, travel booking portals, news portals, job portals, back-end office management portals are among the few important portals that are developed regularly and used by us to develop commercial websites of our clients.
The technicalities involved are developed for certain templates. There is less creativity in portals but for them to work properly, expertise in development is necessary. We at UVA Technologies encourage developers to learn PHP and Java to be able to work with them and create unique websites that can serve client purposes. As a private internet firm, we suggest these programming languages be an ideal skill to work in this domain.

Web portals are among the technically inclined parts of web development. This requires expertise and more often than not the developers working on web portals are experienced and possess compatible skills. UVA Technologies encourages web portal developers to incorporate them into our client services. E-commerce websites comprise a significant percentage among the number of websites available on the internet.

Web Portal


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PHP and JAVA in Portal Development

Both of these languages have been closely related to all the web development categories for the longest of times. Even after newer programming languages were introduced, these languages are efficient enough to be preferred over them for many tasks. Portal development comes under them and Java along with PHP works perfectly well to create these web portals.

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