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Laravel Development

Originally designed for web development, PHP is extensively used in Web Development Services. It has grown to massive numbers since it was released in 1995. Today, 8 out of 10 websites on the internet with a known server end are using PHP in some or the other way. We, at UVA Technologies, have incorporated and more often than not relied completely on PHP to create features packed and unique websites for our clients. Our team has creative PHP developers that are capable of using every addition or tool that helps us in delivering quality development projects.

Frameworks are the basic ground on which PHP development relies. It is the bleeding edge updates within these frameworks that make PHP a tool that will never go outdated for development projects. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that excels at building web applications as per MVC or the model view controller. Laravel has emerged as one of the most preferred framework options for PHP development projects. We, as a development firm have utilized it as one of the key tools and have scrutinized it to be very reliable.

At UVA Technologies, we have a team of passionate developers who reach out to the clients with quality projects in the committed time. Building client websites requires the team to be very dynamic in terms of learning tech updates. There are several feature advantages that developers can incorporate in their websites using Laravel. From query builder to reverse routing, one can work on making way better client end for websites using this framework.

UVA Technologies has worked on projects related to the following Laravel Development options:
  • Complete Website Development
  • Web Migration using Laravel
  • Customizable Framework
  • Custom Command Development
  • Web Applications Development using the Laravel Framework
  • E-Commerce Websites for dedicated and one-for-all product services.


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PHP and JAVA in Portal Development

Our team at UVA Technologies has appreciated these tools by inculcating them in our projects and we highly recommend developers to go on and learn Laravel Frameworks and add it as a skill for their career.

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